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Utilizing powerful technology for business development

One of the most difficult activities in decision-making is problem identification. Our agency value is built upon the idea to help SMEs solve problems of acquiring resources and opportunities available only to companies with deep pockets. Businesses now rely on emerging technology more than ever to innovate, make decisions, and gain high market share.

How would you save the world in one hour? "I will spend the first fifty-five minutes defining the problem and the last five minutes solving it" (Albert Einstein) 

We understand the potential of developing startups, a niche consisting of 36 million units providing employment to over 80 million people. Our driving force includes the power to connect companies of all sizes with subject matter experts for business development. As a digital company, we believe in the power of technology to boost business sales and build a brand while constantly communicating with customers on a broader scale to earn customer loyalty and maintain consistency in the subsequent purchases. 


Vision & Mission



Bridging the disparities between companies with deep pocket (large corporation) and SMEs (small, and medium enterprises) 

Build bridges with us

Build bridges with us



To attain point of reference  for  top notch business development services. 

Business Planning

Developing a blueprint containing processes and strategy of idea with value proposition to achieve identified goals and objectives. Our core competency is business and idea development, with top notch subject matter experts providing proven to work guidelines for goal achievement. 

We make it easy for individuals to do business, share your ideas with us  while we develop a unique blueprint and business map for your startup. With  provision of  non-disclosure agreement and protection of intellectual property we will develop varieties of ways to generate revenue for your business.

Chat-bot Development

Why do you need a chat-bot service for business development? Bots provide incredible value to smaller companies. It's a proven fact that technology has long enabled smaller companies to provide great customer services that were once available only to big corporations. 

The best way to grow as a small business is through reduction of running cost. With adequate capital and proper management, a business will be able to maximize its profit towards expansion and hence facilitate growth. Chat-bot services help small businesses reduce longer waiting time for potential customer enquiry on goods or services. 

A study has proven that the average human being has an attention span of eight seconds.   The easiest way to lose a new customer is to keep them waiting when they make enquiries about your business; either on the phone, in chat, or by email. The goal of chatbot isn't to replace human support or sales teams, the purpose is to augment a business available resources. Automation of FAQs will reduce the time spent providing the same answer over and over again, hence maximize productivity.

Blueprint archive

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D.F.Y. (Done For You)

We provide you with professional guidance and consultancy advisory on requested service. Soverteq is a business solution company providing proven to work strategies. Click and select from the drop-down menu preferred service you want our subject matter experts to assist you with.

Business Plan

The most important aspect of a business plan is the model, how will the business function to generate profit and achieve its value proposition? Subject Matter Experts consisting of business developers and top level consultants at soverteq, developed this blueprint consisting of every building block of a business model, with plans and action guide to business success.


Blueprint for business development, office layout, working procedures & employee management post COVID-19

Record Label Blueprint

Creating a trademark of music recording and visual creativity (music videos and photo-shoot) this is a subset of art on its own and creating a business out of it requires top level expertise.

Aviation Business Plan

This blueprint contain strategies to be implemented through Organizational structure, processes and systems.

Agriculture Business Plan

Are you interested in making money from Agriculture?