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How to plan your business post pandemic

Do you already have a post-pandemic marketing plan? What are your agenda and proposed action to retain and acquire customers post COVID-19?

These are questions you should be asking yourself if you want your marketing strategy to be successful in this period of compulsory change. Understanding the impact of the global pandemic on business activity will provide you with insights on how to prepare your business for reopening.


Market Research

The recent pandemic has hindered the marketplace to an unknown state, where the lockdown has brought about change into the marketing mix thereby affecting sales. For your business to be successful you must have the ability to predict customer’s wants, what they need, and the type of product or brand they prefer, and the reason for this decision. Understanding the market and industry in which you operate will go a long way in your business development, being able to anticipate and predict competitive moves will help businesses make strategic decisions that will aid profit maximization. 





Soverteq Market Research

Technology has made it easier than before to conduct Market Research all you need is a strategy, the right team, and tools to conduct comprehensive research. In a world where we are being faced by the unknown, the pandemic has encouraged businesses to forecast and prepare for future occurrences especially in the external business environment.



Business Man


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